Day Trading the Next Market Crash

Stock day trading can help you cope and even benefit from the next financial crisis and market crash. Unfortunately, although the stock market is booming, the next market crash can't be avoided. In this Webinar, I will review the possible causes of the next crisis and the way it should be successfully tackled through day trading.

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Short Selling Tips! | Making Money When Markets Are Falling! ☝️

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5 things to watch out for when trading short versus trading long. This isn't the same as when trading a forex pair since then you're trading a ratio between two currencies. You have to be careful because markets can go lower than you think but there could always be big upswing bursts in the interim. And then there are catalysts - big or bad news hitting it further.

1) Counter trend rallies
2) Markets go lower than you think
3) Short sharp bursts
4) Increased urgency towards the close
5) Rallies trick buyers - stops add fuel

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